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french-english dictionary

french-english dictionaryAn essential, up-to-date reference tool for learners of English

  • A dictionary of 250,000 words and phrases
  • 400,000 translations
  • 50,000 audio files to aid pronunciation
  • Proverbs, sayings and idiomatic expressions
  • 150 cultural and historical notes
  • Also include: conjugation tables for every verb
  • Hypertext: click on any word in the article to view the Larousse dictionary translation


Attention : pour traduire photographe en anglais, il faut ajouter une lettre au mot français et non pas en retrancher une. En effet, photographe se dit photographer, alors que photograph signifie photographie.

Le Tour de France

First run in 1903, the gruelling 3,000 km cycle race is held annually in July, ending amid cheering crowds on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Each stage is timed separately and the winner with the fastest time overall is given the famous yellow jersey, the maillot jaune.

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