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french-english dictionaryAn essential, up-to-date reference tool for learners of English

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Sympathique ne se traduit pas par sympathetic, du moins dans les contextes courants. Sympathetic veut dire compatissant, compréhensif (he was sympathetic when I told him of my troubles, il a compati quand je lui ai raconté mes problèmes). C'est nice que l'on utilise le plus souvent pour traduire sympathique (c'est un garçon vraiment sympathique, he's a really nice boy).

Le pourboire

In France it is usual to tip in cafés and restaurants, even when service is included. Although it isn't compulsory, if you don't tip, you risk a dirty look from your waiter or waitress. You also generally tip taxi-drivers, porters, tour guides, hairdressers, delivery people, etc.

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