1. (uncountable noun) [gen]   lavoro m
 temporary/casual work   lavoro interinale/occasionale
 in/out of work   occupato ( f occupata)/disoccupato ( f disoccupata)
 haven't you got any work to do?   non hai niente da fare?
 at work   al lavoro
 to have one's work cut out doing sthg or to do sthg   avere un gran daffare per fare qc
2. ART & LIT   opera f
 he's a nasty piece of work (inf)   è un tipaccio



transitive verb Conjugaison
1. [person, staff]   far lavorare
2. [machine]   far funzionare
3. [land, clay, metal]   lavorare
4. [cause to become]
 to work o.s. into a rage   montare in collera
5. [make]
 to work one's way [progress physically]   avanzare
[in career]   fare carriera



intransitive verb Conjugaison
1. [do job]   lavorare
2. [function, be successful]   funzionare
3. [have effect]
 to work against sb/sthg   tornare a svantaggio di qn/qc
4. [gradually become]   diventare
 the screw is working loose   la vite si sta allentando



[factory]   stabilimento m



plural noun
1. [mechanism]   meccanismo m (singolare)
2. [digging, building]   lavori mpl
3. (inf) [everything]
 the works   tutto quanto


work at

transitive verb inseparable
[try to improve]   lavorare su


work off

transitive verb separable Conjugaison
[anger, frustration]   sfogare


work on

transitive verb inseparable Conjugaison
1. [concentrate on]   lavorare a
2. [try to improve]   lavorare su
3. [try to persuade]
 to work on sb   lavorarsi qn


work out

transitive verb separable Conjugaison
1. [formulate]   elaborare
2. [calculate]   trovare, elaborare


work out

intransitive verb Conjugaison
1. [figure, total]
 to work out at   ammontare a
2. [turn out]   riuscire
3. [be successful]   andare bene
4. [train, exercise]   allenarsi


work up

transitive verb separable Conjugaison
1. [excite]
 to work o.s. up into a frenzy   agitarsi
2. [generate]
 to work up enthusiasm   entusiasmarsi
 to work up an appetite   farsi venire l'appetito

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