1. [generally]   mano f
 hands up!   ¡manos arriba!
 to hold hands   ir cogidos de la mano
 hand in hand [people]   (cogidos) de la mano
 by hand   a mano
 at the hands of   a manos de
 in hand [problem, situation]   bajo control
 to have two games in hand   haber jugado dos partidos menos
 in the hands of   en manos de
 to have something on one's hands   tener algo en sus manos
 to change hands   cambiar de manos or de dueño
 to force somebody's hand   apretar las tuercas a alguien
 to get or lay one's hands on something   hacerse con algo
 to get or lay one's hands on somebody   pillar a alguien
 to get out of hand [situation]   hacerse incontrolable
[person]   desmandarse
 to give somebody a free hand   dar carta blanca a alguien
 to give or lend somebody a hand (with)   echar una mano a alguien (con)
 to go hand in hand [things]   ir de la mano
 to have one's hands full   estar muy ocupado ( f ocupada)
 to have time in hand   tener tiempo de sobra
 to overplay one's hand (fig)   extralimitarse
 to take somebody in hand   hacerse cargo or ocuparse de alguien
 to try one's hand at something   intentar hacer algo
 to wait on somebody hand and foot   traérselo todo en bandeja a alguien
 to wash one's hands of something   lavarse las manos con respecto a algo
 with his bare hands   con sus propias manos
2. [influence]   intervención f, influencia f
 to have a hand in something/in doing something   intervenir en algo/al hacer algo
3. [worker - on farm]   bracero m, peón m
[ - on ship]   tripulante mf
4. [of clock, watch]   manecilla f, aguja f
5. [handwriting]   letra f
6. [applause]
 a big hand   un gran aplauso



transitive verb Conjugation
 to hand something to somebody, to hand somebody something   dar or entregar algo a alguien


(close) at hand



on hand

  al alcance de la mano


on the other hand

  por otra parte


out of hand

[completely]   terminantemente


to hand

  a mano


hand back

transitive verb separable Conjugation
  Conjugation devolver


hand down

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[heirloom]   dejar en herencia
[knowledge]   Conjugation transmitir


hand in

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[essay, application]   Conjugation entregar
[resignation]   Conjugation presentar


hand on

transitive verb separable Conjugation
  Conjugation pasar, hacer circular


hand out

transitive verb separable Conjugation
  Conjugation repartir, Conjugation distribuir


hand over

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [baton, money]   Conjugation entregar
2. [responsibility, power]   Conjugation ceder


hand over

intransitive verb Conjugation
 to hand over (to)   dar paso (a)

similar words

Complétez la séquence avec la proposition qui convient.

  • His friend … his leg the weekend before. That's why he didn't go skiing.