[həʊld] (     pt & pp held )
transitive verb Conjugation
1. [have hold of]   tener cogido ( f cogida)
2. [keep in position]   Conjugation sujetar
3. [sustain, support]   Conjugation sostener, Conjugation aguantar
4. [embrace]   Conjugation abrazar
5. [as prisoner]   Conjugation detener
 to hold somebody prisoner/hostage   tener a alguien como prisionero/rehén
6. [keep]   Conjugation guardar
7. [maintain - interest etc]   Conjugation mantener
8. [have, possess]   Conjugation poseer
9. [contain - generally]   Conjugation contener
[ - number of people]   tener cabida para
[ - fears, promise etc]   Conjugation guardar
10. [conduct, stage - event]   Conjugation celebrar
[ - conversation]   Conjugation mantener
[ - inquiry]   Conjugation realizar
11. (fml) [consider]   Conjugation considerar
 to hold (that)   mantener or sostener que
 to hold somebody responsible for something   considerar a alguien responsable de algo
 to hold something dear   apreciar mucho algo
12. [on telephone]
 please hold the line   no cuelgue por favor
13. MIL   Conjugation ocupar, Conjugation tener
 hold it or everything!   ¡para!, ¡espera!
 to hold one's own   defenderse



[həʊld] (     pt & pp held )
intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [luck, weather]   continuar así
[promise, offer]   seguir en pie
 to hold still or steady   estarse quieto
2. [on phone]   Conjugation esperar



1. [grasp, grip]
 to have a firm hold on something   tener algo bien agarrado
 to take or lay hold of something   agarrar algo
 to get hold of something [obtain]   hacerse con algo
 to get hold of somebody [find]   localizar a alguien
2. [of ship, aircraft]   bodega f
3. [control, influence]   dominio m, control m
 to take hold [fire]   extenderse


on hold

 to put something on hold   suspender algo temporalmente
 to put somebody on hold [on phone]   poner a alguien a la espera


hold against

transitive verb separable Conjugation
 to hold something against somebody (fig)   tener algo contra alguien


hold back

intransitive verb Conjugation
[hesitate]   Conjugation vacilar
 to hold back from doing something   abstenerse de hacer algo


hold back

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [tears, anger]   Conjugation contener, Conjugation reprimir
2. [secret]   Conjugation ocultar, no revelar
3. [person]
 to hold somebody back from doing something   impedir a alguien hacer algo


hold down

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[job]   Conjugation conservar


hold off

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[fend off]   Conjugation rechazar


hold off

intransitive verb Conjugation
  no producirse
 the rain held off   no llovió


hold on

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [wait]   Conjugation esperar
[on phone]   no colgar
2. [grip]
 to hold on (to something)   agarrarse (a algo)


hold onto

transitive verb inseparable
[keep]   Conjugation retener


hold out

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[hand]   Conjugation tender
[arms]   Conjugation extender


hold out

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [last]   Conjugation durar
2. [resist]
 to hold out (against something/somebody)   resistir (ante algo/a alguien)


hold out for

transitive verb inseparable
  insistir en


hold up

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [raise]   Conjugation levantar, Conjugation alzar
2. [delay]   Conjugation retrasar
3. (inf) [rob]   Conjugation atracar, Conjugation asaltar


hold up

intransitive verb Conjugation
[theory, facts]   tenerse en pie


hold with

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
[approve of]   estar de acuerdo con

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