transitive verb Conjugation
1. [work for]   Conjugation servir
2. [have effect]
 to serve to do something   servir para hacer algo
3. [fulfil]
 to serve a purpose   cumplir un propósito
4. [provide for]   Conjugation abastecer
 the town is served by three motorways   la ciudad tiene tres autopistas
5. [food, drink]
 to serve something to somebody, to serve somebody something   servir algo a alguien
 dinner will be served at 8   la cena será servida a las 8
6. [customer]   Conjugation despachar, Conjugation servir
 are you being served?   ¿lo atienden?
7. LAW
 to serve somebody with something, to serve something on somebody   entregar a alguien algo
8. [prison sentence]   Conjugation cumplir
[apprenticeship]   Conjugation hacer
[term of office]   Conjugation ejercer
9. sport   Conjugation servir, Conjugation sacar
 that serves you right!   ¡bien merecido lo tienes!



intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [work, give food or drink]   Conjugation servir
2. [function]
 to serve as   servir de
3. [in shop, bar etc]   Conjugation despachar
4. sport   Conjugation sacar



  saque m


serve out

transitive verb separable Conjugation ,

serve up

transitive verb separable Conjugation
  Conjugation servir

similar words

Complétez la séquence avec la proposition qui convient.

  • I have to work … if I want to graduate.