[ˈkafe] ( pl Kaffees )
der ,


[kaˈfe:] ( pl Kaffees )
1. [gen]   coffee
 eine Tasse Kaffee   a cup of coffee
 Kaffee mit Milch   white coffee
 schwarzer Kaffee   black coffee
 das ist kalter Kaffee (fam & fig)   that's old hat
2. [Mahlzeit]   afternoon coffee and cake
 Kaffee trinken [am Nachmittag]   to have afternoon coffee
[in der Pause]   to have a coffee break

Kaffee und Kuchen
Germans often like to sit down to a cup of strong coffee and a piece of cake mid-afternoon. On Sundays Kaffee und Kuchen usually takes place at home or with friends, but it is common also to go out to a café ( Kaffeehaus or Konditorei), where you first choose a cake from a glass counter before sitting down to order a drink. The atmosphere in such places is generally quiet, with newspapers provided for the use of customers, and although there is a good mix amongst the clientele, the elderly tend to outnumber the young.

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