verbo transitivo Conjugation
1. [concluir]   Conjugation to finish
2. [consumir - provisiones, dinero]   Conjugation to use up
[ - comida]   Conjugation to finish



verbo intransitivo Conjugation
1. [generalmente]   Conjugation to finish, Conjugation to end
 la espada acaba en punta   the sword ends in a point
 el asunto acabó mal   the affair finished o ended badly
 cuando acabes, avísame   tell me when you've finished
 acabar de hacer algo   to finish doing something
2. [haber hecho recientemente]
 acabar de hacer algo   to have just done something
 acabo de llegar   I've just arrived
3. [terminar por - persona]
 acabar por hacer algo, acabar haciendo algo   to end up doing something
4. [destruir]
 acabar con [generalmente]   to destroy
[salud]   to ruin
[paciencia]   to exhaust
[violencia, crimen]   to put an end to
5. [matar]
 acabar con alguien   to kill somebody
(figurado)   to be the death of somebody
6. (con adjetivos)   Conjugation to end up
 acabar loco   to go mad
7. (en frase negativa)
 no acabo de entenderlo   I can't quite understand it
 no acaba de parecerme bien   I don't really think it's a very good idea
8. (loc)
 de nunca acabar   never-ending



verbo pronominal
1. [agotarse]   to be used up, to be gone
 se nos ha acabado el petróleo   we're out of petrol
 se ha acabado la comida   there's no more food left, all the food has gone
2. [concluir]   Conjugation to finish, to be over
3. (loc)
 ¡se acabó! [¡basta ya!]   that's enough!
[se terminó]   that's it, then!

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