sustantivo masculino
1. [escuela]   school
 colegio concertado  private school with state subsidy
 colegio de curas   school run by priests
 colegio de monjas   convent school
 colegio de pago   fee-paying o private school
2. [de profesionales]
 colegio (profesional)   professional association


colegio electoral

sustantivo masculino
[lugar]   polling station
[votantes]   ward


colegio mayor

sustantivo masculino
  hall of residence

Colegio de México
The Colegio de México is an institution dedicated to research and graduate teaching in the Social Sciences and Humanities, and has exercised a leading influence on intellectual and academic life in Mexico since its foundation in 1940. It developed from the “Casa de España”, which was set up in 1938 as a refuge for exiled Spanish academics during the Spanish Civil War, and of which the Mexican writer Alfonso Reyes was one of the first directors. The early work of the Colegio concentrated on historical, literary and linguistic research, but in time it grew to encompass economics, demographics and sociology, as well as Asian and African and International studies. Although it is a small institution compared with the large public universities, it has one of the most important libraries in Latin America (the Biblioteca Cosío Villegas), and publishes about 100 books a year.

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