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english-spanish dictionary

english-spanish dictionaryA user-friendly and comprehensive dictionary for learners of Spanish

  • A dictionary of 100,000 words and phrases
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  • Also include: conjugation tables for every verb
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Los Pinos

This has been the official residence of the Mexican president and the seat of the country's government since 1935. In 1934, President Cárdenas refused to take up residence in Chapultepec Castle, choosing instead to live to the south of Chapultepec Forest in the Rancho La Hormiga which was later renamed Los Pinos.

School year

El año escolar británico se divide en tres trimestres. En Estados Unidos hay dos trimestres, que a su vez se subdividen en otros dos periodos cada uno. En los dos lugares, el colegio empieza en septiembre y suele acabar entre junio y julio.

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