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Dizionario inglese-spagnolo

Dizionario inglese-spagnoloLarousse vi invita a consultare, gratuitamente e ad accesso illimitato, uno dei suoi dizionari inglese / spagnolo - spagnolo / inglese più autorevoli.

  • Un dizionario di 100.000 voci ed espressioni
  • 130.000 traduzioni
  • La pronuncia di 50 000 parole
  • Numerosi proverbi ed espressioni idiomatiche
  • Inoltre: la coniugazione completa di tutti i verbi (tutti i tempi e tutti i modi)
  • Un link su ogni parola francese
  • 150 note culturali e storiche


This independent organization was originally founded to help the blind but now also covers other disabled people. Its members have the opportunity to work selling tickets for its daily national lottery, the proceeds of which are used to fund the organization's other activities. Friday's winning ticket, the cuponazo, gets an especially large prize.

Telephone numbers

The international dialling code for calling Britain from Spain is 0044. The code for the US is 001. The emergency number for the local police is 092, but the emergency services all have different numbers: 80 for the fire brigade, 061 for the ambulance service and 112 for other emergencies. For directory enquiries, dial 1003. Phone cards for public phone booths can be bought from newspaper stands (quioscos) and tobacconist's (estancos).

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