[ˈsɒrɪ] ( compar sorrier, superl sorriest )
1. [expressing apology]
 to be sorry about something   sentir or lamentar algo
 I'm sorry for what I did   siento lo que hice
 I'm sorry   lo siento
 I'm sorry if I'm disturbing you or to disturb you   siento molestarte
2. [expressing shame, disappointment]
 to be sorry that   sentir que
 we were sorry about his resignation   sentimos que dimitiera
 to be sorry for   arrepentirse de
 we're sorry to see you go   sentimos que te vayas
3. [expressing regret]
 I'm sorry to have to say that ...   siento tener que decir que ...
4. [expressing pity]
 to be or feel sorry for somebody   sentir lástima por alguien
 to be or feel sorry for oneself   sentir lástima de uno mismo ( f una misma)
5. [expressing polite disagreement]
 I'm sorry, but ...   perdón, pero ...
6. [poor, pitiable]   lamentable, penoso ( f penosa)
 it was a sorry sight   tenía un aspecto horrible



1. [I apologise]
 sorry!   ¡perdón!
2. [pardon]
 sorry?   ¿perdón?
3. [to correct oneself]
 a girl, sorry, a woman   una chica, perdón, una mujer

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