verbo transitivo
1. [oltrepassare]   Konjugation to jump (over)
2. [omettere]   Konjugation to skip
3. [cuocere]   to sauté



verbo intransitivo
1. [gen]   Konjugation to jump
 saltare in macchina   to jump in a car
 saltare in moto/bici   to jump on a motorcycle/bike
 salta su! [macchina]   jump in!
[moto, bici]   jump on!
 saltare addosso a qn [aggredire]   to attack sb
 cosa ti salta in mente?   whatever are you thinking of?
 saltare agli occhi   to hit one in the face
 saltare di palo in frasca   to jump from one subject to another
2.  saltare fuori [oggetto]   to turn up
[verità]   to come out
3. [esplodere]
 far saltare [mina]   to explode
[ponte, macchina]   to blow up
[cassaforte, fusible]   to blow
 saltare in aria   to blow up
4. [essere annullato]   to be cancelled
5. [smettere di funzionare]   Konjugation to blow
 far saltare i nervi a qn [fare arrabbiare]   to make sb see red
6. [schizzar via]   Konjugation to run

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