[teɪk] (     pt took,     pp taken )
transitive verb Conjugation
1. [generally]   Conjugation tomar
 do you take sugar?   ¿tomas azúcar?
 take a seat!   ¡siéntate!
 to take control/command   tomar control/el mando
 to take a photo   hacer or tomar una foto
 to take a walk   dar un paseo
 to take a bath   bañarse
 to take a test   hacer un examen
 to take something seriously/badly/personally   tomarse algo en serio/a mal/personalmente
 to take pity on somebody   compadecerse de alguien
 to take offence   ofenderse
 to be taken ill   ponerse enfermo
 take the second turning on the right   toma el segundo giro a la derecha
2. [bring, carry, accompany]   Conjugation llevar
3. [steal]   Conjugation quitar, Conjugation robar
4. [buy]   Conjugation coger, quedarse con
[rent]   Conjugation alquilar
 I'll take the red one   me quedo con el rojo
5. [take hold of]   Conjugation coger
 let me take your coat   déjeme que le coja el abrigo
 to take somebody prisoner   capturar a alguien
6. [accept - offer, cheque, criticism]   Conjugation aceptar
[ - advice]   Conjugation seguir
[ - responsibility, blame]   Conjugation asumir
 the machine only takes 50p pieces   la máquina sólo admite monedas de 50 peniques
 take my word for it, take it from me   créeme
7. [have room for - passengers, goods]   tener cabida para
8. [bear - pain etc]   Conjugation soportar, Conjugation aguantar
 some people can't take a joke   hay gente que no sabe aguantar una broma
9. [require - time, courage]   Conjugation requerir
[ - money]   Conjugation costar
 it will take a week/three hours   llevará una semana/tres horas
 it only took me 5 minutes   sólo me llevó cinco minutos
 it takes guts to do that   hay que tener agallas para hacer eso
 it took 5 people to move the piano   hicieron falta 5 personas para mover el piano
10. [travel by - means of transport, route]   Conjugation tomar, Conjugation coger
11. [wear - shoes]   Conjugation calzar
[ - clothes]   Conjugation usar
12. [consider]   Conjugation considerar
 now, take John for instance...   tomemos a John, por ejemplo...
 to take somebody for a fool/a policeman   tomar a alguien por tonto/por un policía
13. [assume]
 I take it (that) ...   supongo que ...



[teɪk] (     pt took,     pp taken )
intransitive verb Conjugation
[dye]   Conjugation coger
[vaccine, fire, cutting]   Conjugation prender



CIN   toma f


take aback

transitive verb inseparable
  dejar atónito ( f atónita)
 to be taken aback   estar atónito


take after

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
  parecerse a


take apart

transitive verb separable Conjugation
[dismantle]   Conjugation desmontar


take away

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [remove]   Conjugation quitar
2. [deduct]   Conjugation restar, Conjugation sustraer


take back

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [return]   Conjugation devolver
2. [accept - faulty goods]   aceptar la devolución de
3. [admit as wrong]   Conjugation retirar
4. [in memories]
 it takes me back to when I was a teenager   me hace volver a mi adolescencia


take down

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [dismantle]   Conjugation desmontar
2. [write down]   Conjugation escribir, tomar nota de
3. [lower - trousers]   Conjugation bajarse
[ - picture]   Conjugation bajar


take in

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [deceive]   Conjugation engañar
 to be taken in by somebody   ser engañado por alguien
2. [understand]   Conjugation comprender, Conjugation asimilar
 I can't take it all in   no consigo asimilarlo todo
3. [include]   Conjugation incluir, Conjugation abarcar
4. [provide accommodation for]   Conjugation acoger


take off

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [clothes, glasses]   Conjugation quitarse
2. [have as holiday]   Conjugation tomarse
 to take time off   tomarse tiempo libre
3. (UK & inf) [imitate]   Conjugation imitar
4. (inf) [go away suddenly]
 to take oneself off   irse, marcharse


take off

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [plane]   Conjugation despegar, Conjugation decolar (Andes)
2. [go away suddenly]   Conjugation irse, Conjugation marcharse
3. [career]   consolidarse
[idea, fashion]   Conjugation cuajar


take on

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [accept - work, job]   Conjugation aceptar
[ - responsibility]   Conjugation asumir
2. [employ]   Conjugation emplear, Conjugation coger
3. [confront]   Conjugation desafiar


take on

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
[assume]   Conjugation tomar


take out

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [from container, pocket]   Conjugation sacar
2. [delete]   Conjugation suprimir
3. [go out with]
 to take somebody out   invitar a salir a alguien
 to take it or a lot out of one (inf)   agotar a uno


take out on

transitive verb separable
[feelings, anger]   descargar contra
 don't take it out on me!   ¡no la tomes conmigo!


take over

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [company, business]   Conjugation absorber, Conjugation adquirir
[country, government]   apoderarse de
2. [job]   Conjugation tomar, Conjugation asumir


take over

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [take control]   tomar el poder
2. [in job]   entrar en funciones


take to

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [feel a liking for - person]   coger cariño a
[ - activity]   aficionarse a
2. [begin]
 to take to doing something   empezar a hacer algo


take up

transitive verb separable Conjugation
1. [begin]
 to take up singing   dedicarse a cantar
[job]   Conjugation aceptar, Conjugation tomar
2. [continue]   Conjugation reanudar
3. [discuss]   Conjugation discutir
4. [use up - time, space]   Conjugation ocupar
[ - effort]   Conjugation requerir


take upon

transitive verb separable Conjugation
 to take it upon oneself to do something   permitirse hacer algo


take up on

transitive verb separable
1. [accept]
 to take somebody up on an offer   aceptar una oferta de alguien
2. [ask to explain]
 to take somebody up on something   pedir que alguien se explique acerca de algo

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