[gəʊ] (     pt went,     pp gone )
intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [move, travel, attend]   Conjugation ir
 where are you going?   ¿adónde vas?
 he's gone to Portugal   se ha ido a Portugal
 we went by bus/train   fuimos en autobús/tren
 to go and do something   ir a hacer algo
 where does this path go?   ¿adónde lleva este camino?
 to go right/left   girar a la derecha/izquierda
 to go swimming/shopping   ir a nadar/de compras
 to go for a walk/run   ir a dar un paseo/a correr
 to go to church/school   ir a misa/la escuela
 to go to work   ir a trabajar
 where do we go from here?   ¿y ahora qué?
2. [depart - person]   Conjugation irse, Conjugation marcharse
[ - bus]   Conjugation irse, Conjugation salir
 I must go, I have to go   tengo que irme
 what time does the bus go?   ¿a qué hora sale or se va el autobús?
 it's time we went   es hora de irse or marcharse
 let's go!   ¡vámonos!
3. [pass - time]   Conjugation pasar
 the time went slowly/quickly   el tiempo pasaba lentamente/rápido
4. [progress]   Conjugation ir
 to go well/badly   ir bien/mal
 how's it going? (inf) [how are you?]   ¿qué tal?
5. [belong, fit]   Conjugation ir
 the plates go in the cupboard   los platos van en el armario
 it won't go into the suitcase   no cabe en la maleta
6. [become]   Conjugation ponerse
 to go grey   ponerse gris
 to go mad   volverse loco ( f loc a)
 to go blind   quedarse ciego ( f ciega)
7. [be or remain in a particular state]
 to go naked   andar desnudo ( f desnuda)
 to go hungry   pasar hambre
 we went in fear of our lives   temíamos por nuestras vidas
 to go unpunished   salir impune
8. [indicating intention, certainty, expectation]
 to be going to do something   ir a hacer algo
 what are you going to do now?   ¿qué vas a hacer ahora?
 he said he was going to be late   dijo que llegaría tarde
 it's going to rain/snow   va a llover/nevar
 I feel like I'm going to be sick   me parece que voy a devolver
 she's going to have a baby   va a tener un niño
9. [match, be compatible]
 to go (with)   ir bien (con)
 this blouse goes well with the skirt   esta blusa va muy bien or hace juego con la falda
 those colours don't really go   la verdad es que esos colores no combinan bien
10. [function, work]   Conjugation funcionar
 is the tape recorder still going? [still in working order]   ¿funciona todavía el casete?
[still on]   ¿está todavía encendido el casete?
11. [bell, alarm]   sonar
12. [start]   Conjugation empezar
 ready to go   listo ( f lista) para empezar
13. [when referring to saying, story or song]   Conjugation decir
 as the saying goes   como dice el refrán
 how does that song go?   ¿cómo es or dice esa canción?
14. [stop working]   estropearse
 the fuse must have gone   se ha debido de fundir el fusible
15. [deteriorate]
 her sight/hearing is going   está perdiendo la vista/el oído
16. [be spent]
 to go on   ir a parar a, gastarse en
 all my money goes on food and rent   todo el dinero se me va en comida y alquiler
17. [be given]
 the prize/contract went to B. Jones   el premio/contrato le fue concedido a B. Jones
18. [be disposed of]
 he'll have to go   habrá que despedirlo
 everything must go!   ¡gran liquidación!
19. (inf) [with negative - in giving advice]
 now, don't go catching cold   y cuidado no cojas frío ¿eh?
20. (inf) [expressing irritation, surprise]
 now what's he gone and done?   ¿qué leches ha hecho ahora?
 she's gone and bought a new car!   ¡ha ido y se ha comprado un coche nuevo!
 you've gone and done it now!   ¡ya la has liado!
21. [in division]
 three into two won't go   tres no es divisible por dos
 it just goes to show (that)...   eso demuestra or prueba que...



[gəʊ] (     pt went,     pp gone )
transitive verb Conjugation
1. [make noise of]   Conjugation hacer
 the dog went ‘woof’   el perro hizo ‘¡guau!’
2. (inf) [say]   Conjugation decir



[gəʊ] (     pl goes )
1. [turn]   turno m
 it's my go   me toca a mí
2. (inf) [attempt]
 to have a go at something   intentar or probar algo
 have a go!   ¡prueba!, ¡inténtalo!
3. (inf) [success]
 to make a go of something   tener éxito con or en algo
 to have a go at somebody (inf)   echar una bronca a alguien
 to be on the go (inf)   no parar, estar muy liado ( f liada)


to go

1. [remaining]
 there are only three days to go   sólo quedan tres días
2. [to take away]   para llevar


go about

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [perform]   Conjugation hacer, Conjugation realizar
 to go about one's business   ocuparse uno de sus asuntos
2. [tackle]
 to go about doing something   apañárselas para hacer algo
 how do you intend going about it?   ¿cómo piensas hacerlo?


go about

intransitive verb Conjugation
→ go around


go after

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
  ir a por or detrás de


go against

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [conflict with, be unfavourable to]   ir en contra de
2. [act contrary to]   actuar en contra de


go ahead

intransitive verb
1. [begin]
 to go ahead (with something)   seguir adelante (con algo)
 go ahead!   ¡adelante!
2. [take place]   celebrarse
3. [in match, contest]   ponerse por delante


go along

intransitive verb Conjugation
 as you go along   a medida que lo vayas haciendo
 he made it up as he went along   se lo inventaba sobre la marcha


go along with

transitive verb inseparable
  estar de acuerdo con
 he agreed to go along with our ideas   aceptó nuestras ideas sin demasiado entusiasmo


go around

intransitive verb Conjugation ,

go round

intransitive verb Conjugation ,

go about

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. (inf) [behave in a certain way]
 to go around doing something   ir por ahí haciendo algo
2. [associate]
 to go around with somebody   juntarse con alguien
3. [joke, illness, story]   Conjugation correr (por ahí)
 there's a rumour going around about her   corren rumores acerca de ella


go away

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [person, animal]   Conjugation irse
 go away!   ¡vete!
2. [pain]   Conjugation desaparecer


go back

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [return]   Conjugation volver
2. [clocks]   Conjugation atrasarse


go back on

transitive verb inseparable
[one's word, promise]   faltar a


go back to

transitive verb inseparable
1. [return to activity]   Conjugation continuar or seguir con
 to go back to sleep   volver a dormir
2. [return to previous topic]   volver a
3. [date from]   datar de, remontarse a


go before

intransitive verb
[precede]   Conjugation preceder
 we wanted to forget what had gone before   queríamos olvidar lo ocurrido


go by

intransitive verb Conjugation
[time, people, vehicles]   Conjugation pasar


go by

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [be guided by]   guiarse por
2. [judge from]
 going by her accent, I'd say she was French   a juzgar por su acento yo diría que es francesa


go down

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [descend]   Conjugation bajar
2. [get lower - prices, temperature, swelling]   Conjugation bajar
3. [be accepted]
 to go down well/badly   tener una buena/mala acogida
4. [sun]   Conjugation ponerse
5. [tyre, balloon]   deshincharse
6. [be relegated]   Conjugation descender


go down

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
  Conjugation bajar


go down with

transitive verb inseparable
(inf) [illness]   Conjugation coger, pillar, agarrar (Amér)


go for

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [choose]   decidirse por, Conjugation escoger
2. [be attracted to]
 I don't really go for men like him   no me gustan mucho los hombres como él
3. [attack]   lanzarse sobre, Conjugation atacar
4. [try to obtain - record, job]   ir a por
5. [be valid]   valer para
 does that go for me too?   ¿eso va por mí también?


go forward

intransitive verb Conjugation
[clocks]   adelantarse


go in

intransitive verb Conjugation
  Conjugation entrar


go in for

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [competition, exam]   presentarse a
2. [take up as a profession]   dedicarse a
3. (inf) [enjoy]
 he goes in for sports in a big way   hace un montón de deporte
 I don't really go in for classical music   no me va la música clásica


go into

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [enter]   entrar en
2. [discuss, describe in detail]   entrar en
 to go into detail   entrar en detalles
3. [investigate]   Conjugation investigar
4. [take up as a profession]   dedicarse a
5. [be put into - subj: effort, money]   invertirse
[ - subj: work]
 a lot of hard work went into that book   hay mucho trabajo invertido en ese libro
6. [begin]
 to go into a rage   ponerse frenético ( f frenética)
 to go into a dive   empezar a caer en picado


go off

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [leave]   Conjugation irse
2. [explode - bomb]   Conjugation estallar
[ - gun]   Conjugation dispararse
3. [alarm]   Conjugation saltar, sonar
4. [go bad - food]   echarse a perder, estropearse
[ - milk]   Conjugation cortarse
5. [lights, heating]   Conjugation apagarse
6. [happen]
 to go off (well/badly)   salir (bien/mal)


go off

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
(inf) [lose interest in]   perder el gusto a or el interés en or por


go off with

transitive verb inseparable
 he went off with his best friend's wife   se largó con la mujer de su mejor amigo


go on

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [take place]   Conjugation pasar, Conjugation ocurrir
2. [continue]
 to go on (doing something)   seguir (haciendo algo)
 I can't go on!   ¡no puedo más!
 shall I tell you? — go on   ¿te lo cuento? — vale
3. [proceed to further activity]
 to go on to something/to do something   pasar a algo/a hacer algo
4. [proceed to another place]
 we went on to a nightclub afterwards   después nos fuimos a una discoteca
5. [pass - time]   Conjugation pasar
6. [go in advance]
 you go on, I'll wait here   tú continúa, yo te espero aquí
7. [heating etc]   encenderse
8. [talk for too long]
 to go on (about)   no parar de hablar (de)
 don't go on about it   déjalo ya, no sigas con eso


go on

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [be guided by]   guiarse por
2. [start]
 to go on a diet   ponerse a régimen


go on

  ¡venga!, ¡vamos!
 go on, treat yourself   ¡venga, hombre! ¡date el gusto!


go on at

transitive verb inseparable
[nag]   dar la lata a


go out

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [leave house]   Conjugation salir
 to go out for a meal   cenar fuera
2. [as friends or lovers]
 to go out (with somebody)   salir (con alguien), pololear (con alguien) (Chile)
3. [tide]   Conjugation bajar
4. [light, fire, cigarette]   Conjugation apagarse
5. [stop being fashionable]   pasarse de moda


go over

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [examine]   Conjugation repasar
2. [repeat]   Conjugation repetir


go over to

transitive verb inseparable
1. [change to]   Conjugation cambiar or pasar a
2. [change sides to]   pasarse a
 to go over to the other side   pasarse al otro bando
3. RADIO & TV   conectar con


go round

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [be enough for everyone]
 there's just enough to go round   hay lo justo para que alcance para todos
2. [revolve]   Conjugation girar, dar vueltas → go around


go through

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
1. [penetrate]   Conjugation atravesar
2. [experience]   pasar por, Conjugation experimentar
3. [spend]   gastarse
4. [study, search through]   Conjugation registrar
 she went through his pockets   le miró en los bolsillos
5. [read]   examinar leyendo
[say out loud]   Conjugation enumerar, decir en alto
 I'll go through it again   lo voy a repetir


go through

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [enter]   Conjugation pasar
2. [in competition]   Conjugation clasificarse
3. [bill, divorce etc]   aprobarse


go through with

transitive verb inseparable
  llevar a cabo


go towards

transitive verb inseparable
  contribuir a


go under

intransitive verb
(lit & fig)   Conjugation hundirse


go up

intransitive verb Conjugation
1. [rise - person, prices, temperature, balloon]   Conjugation subir
2. [be built]   Conjugation levantarse, construirse
3. [be promoted]   Conjugation subir
4. [explode]   Conjugation explotar, saltar por los aires
5. [burst into flames]
 to go up (in flames)   ser pasto de las llamas
6. [be uttered]
 a shout went up from amongst the crowd   unos gritos surgieron de entre la multitud


go up

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
  Conjugation subir
 we went up the Eiffel Tower   subimos a la torre Eiffel


go up to

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
[approach]   acercarse a


go with

transitive verb inseparable Conjugation
[be included with]   ir con


go without

transitive verb inseparable
  prescindir de


go without

intransitive verb

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